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Our volunteers are Care Ambassadors!

Styles 4 Kidz is 90% volunteer driven!


Styles 4 Kidz Care Ambassadors are volunteers who are passionate about expanding the S4K vision and mission in their local community. They are the hands and feet of the organization. There are five primary types of S4K Care Ambassadors:

If you're interested in volunteering or becoming a care ambassador, please fill out our form. To become a Family Community, Partner Stylist, or Workshop Coordinator, you will also need to complete a Volunteer Application and an online video interview with the Care Ambassador Coordinator. 


We appreciate your interest and willingness to be a part of Styles 4 Kidz!
Fundraising Ambassadors

Styles 4 Kidz is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that is funded by the tax-deductible donations of our generous supporters. There are many ways to help us raise funds to continue to provide essential hair care services and resources to transracial foster and adoptive parents and group foster homes. Every donation is greatly needed and much appreciated. Here are some ways you can help S4K as a Fundraising Ambassador:​

  • Set up a hair care appointment at the S4K salon. Our salon provides hair care services to kids needing textured hair care. Proceeds from our salon services support our programs. 

  • Establish a planned weekly, monthly, or annual donation *Maximize your donation by using your employer donation match program.*

  • Sponsor a Kid (or more than one!)

  • Host a craft event with their local Kohls store employees who volunteer for fundraising projects.

  • Host a fundraising event in your area. We can help with event ideas!

  • Recruit your friends, neighbors, church, colleagues, or employer to adopt S4K for their next benevolent donation.

  • Request donations for S4K instead of birthday, wedding, or holiday gifts. Set up a fundraiser for S4K on Facebook!

  • Set up Amazon Smile account at and choose Styles for Kidz NFP as your charity.

  • Save up to 10% at stores and earn Crypto with the LIFE app.  Go to: to learn more.

  • Do you have a unique fundraising idea that we would love? Contact us with details!

Workshop Coordinator

A key component in S4K’s mission is providing instructional workshops for transracial adoptive and foster families who need assistance caring for children’s textured hair. These workshops are held in-person and led by a qualified S4K stylist. We rely on local salon and business partners to provide a location for us to run our workshops. We also need our local Workshop Coordinators to spread the word about upcoming workshops and encourage families to register and attend. 

If you have a location that can host a workshop or if you have connections to an organization or group of potential workshop participants, please complete our contact form. Our Care Ambassador Coordinator will reach out to you with next steps.

Become a Partner Stylist or Salon

S4K provides textured hair care training to qualified stylists and salons to maximize our ability to reach biracial families, group foster homes, and the transracial foster and adoptive communities. S4K Stylist & Salon Partners are committed to giving high-quality, hands-on services and workshop  training to local kids and families on an ongoing basis.


To learn more about training options and S4K Stylist/Salon Agreement details, please complete our contact form and indicate that you are a stylist or salon on your form.

Family Community Care Facebook Group

Join our private Facebook group for transracial adoptive or foster families and biracial families. We share textured hair tips and tricks as well as discuss relevant topics.  Styles 4 Kidz Family Community

Become a #styles4kidz Social Media Champion


Help us spread the word about how S4K provides high-quality hair care workshops for transracial adoptive and foster families, and hair services for kids with textured hair. Use your social media savvy to boost our page and post visibility by liking, sharing, and tagging our posts on Facebook @styles4kidz, Instagram @styles4kidznfp, and Twitter @Styles4KidzNFP.  Become a subscriber on YouTube. Promote our upcoming workshops and events on your personal or business social media accounts.

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