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Styles 4 Kidz (S4K) provides textured hair education, services, and resources that serve kids and families in the biracial, transracial adoptive, and foster care communities.


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Multiracial families lack an encouraging atmosphere to learn and ask questions about their kid's natural textured hair.  Most families lack access to training, education, resources, and a community of support. 


Although there are a wealth of videos on natural hair on the internet, there is no specific information that addresses the transracial adoptive, biracial, or multiracial community's hair care needs.


Multiracial kids experience a lack of confidence when their hair isn't well managed.  Kids need a supportive community among peers to feel a sense of cultural connection and identity.  Most lack a place that is their own and where they can address these concerns.  

Styles 4 Kidz exists to address these issues.

In March of 2020, the coronavirus pandemic interrupted services and training in the community we serve. Despite the challenges presented, 605 kids experienced a confidence boost in S4K programs, and 200 plus families attended and learned how to manage their kid's textured hair through S4K's online and in-person workshops.


The gifts of individuals, businesses, organizations, and Hair Care With Heart partners have supported us amid a season of despair to bring hope and love to kids and parents' hearts. On behalf of the thousands of families served, thank you for your ongoing support over the past ten years that has allowed S4K to standby and faithfully serve time and time again. 

The multiracial community is growing, and so is the demand for natural hair care services and training nationwide and overseas. S4K has a $375,000 need this fiscal year to:


  • Establish a model for national and international program expansion.

  • Create a NEW online training platform for parents to reach 10,000+ parents.

  • Reach 400 families through S4K's Education & Resource Program for parents.

  • Serve 900 kids through

      S4K's Care & Confidence 

      Program for kids.

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Styles 4 Kidz

Ten years ago S4K helped one mom get access to services for her transracial adoptive daughters textured hair that changed her life and the lives of others in her local community.

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Upcoming Events

S4K Events are fun. They offer hope, support, and a little TLC for kids and families in-person and online.

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There are many ways to get involved in giving smiles and styles to kids and families that need S4K programs!

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Review S4K updated plan in compliance with local government during the

COVID-19 recovery period.

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Many hands working together accomplishes great things! The S4K support team includes business leaders, forward thinkers, creators, and volunteers.

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